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Austin Michaud : Web Developer

Hampstead, NC /

Creator - Comet.Ninja, Independent, 4/2018 - 2/2019.

Online front-end text editor for web development. Create, manipulate, test, & save files files from any computer without the need of software. (Jquery, Vue.js, HTML5, Javascript, CSS3)

Creator -, Independent, 6/2019.

Ai assisted lyrics making tool. Create & save lyrics with the aid of rhyme scheme highlighting and Ai predictive typing. (ml5.js, Jquery, Javascript)

Creator - Chess.Express, Independent, 3/2019 - 4/2019.

Play chess online with your friends. No sign-up or payments required. Choose from many different board & set designs to play with. (Google Firebase, Google Analytics, Google Console, Bing Console, Jquery, Javascript)

Creator -, Independent, 6/2019.

Send files over the internet. No need for a FTP client/server. No need for an email address. Just connect to Giga Bridge and transfer files to friends/co-workers. (Peer.js, WebRTC, Jquery, Javascript)

Creator -, Independent, 3/2019.

Three dimensional tic-tac-toe. Play against a friend in the revamped version of tic-tac-toe. (Jquery, Jquery-UI, Vue.js, Fontawsome, Javascript)

Creator -, Independent, 2/2019.

Parse colors from any image. Find the hex values of the most common colors in an image of your choice. (Jquery, Fontawsome, Javascript)

Contractor -, Independent, 9/2018.

Update & redesign of the website. (PHP, SQL, MySQL Server, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3)

Contractor -, Independent, 1/2019.

Update & redesign of the website. (PHP, SQL, MySQL Server, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3)