3d tic-tac-toe is a revamped version of the old tic-tac-toe. Not only are the tiles set in a 3d environment, the game rules have been expanded to work in a 3d context. Get three across in any dimension to win. This implementation of the game uses Jquery to handle element manipulations & for some drag features. All styling is done with vanilla CSS.



The chess.express domain is a typical online chess game platform. Drag and Drop chess pieces, change your chess board design, message your friends, track your time, change your chess pieces style, and a few more features included. The designs and layout was built with Jquery & CSS. Many of the chess piece designs were made by hired designers. All data is stored in a realtime database hosted by Google Firebase.



Wave.js is a audio Visualizer library built in Javascript. Now you can see your audio on the web. Good for music or audio apps. There are 10+ designs that can be displayed in any color you want. All the code is written in Object Oriented Javascript using the canvas API.

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